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Bigg Boss 8 Winner is Gautam Gulati.... Watch Grand Finale Live Stream full updates

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Bigg Boss 8 Winner Name Leaked | Grand Finale Live Stream Tonight full updates

Now the Bigg Boss season 8 in last stage, people are eagerly waiting for the movement to announce Bigg Boss 8 Winner Name OR Winner Of Bigg Boss 8 and also want know the Bigg Boss 8 Season Grand Finale Episode .


Bigg Boss 8 is reaching to an end but unlike other seasons, there won't be a winner crowned at the end of the season. Instead, the channel and the makers have decided to bring in an innovative twist in the form of a spin off series- Bigg Boss Halla Bol. The new series will have a mix of the Bigg Boss 8 contestants and the former Bigg Boss contestants coming together for a 4 week long journey to the coveted trophy.

 An arsenal of controversies and slimy gossips later, "Bigg Boss 8" is coming to a close and there's a strong buzz on social media that either Gautam Gulati or Karishma Tanna would take home the coveted trophy.

Today we come to know that the Grand Finale Date with Salman Khan is declared 3rd January; which is last day of Salman Khan on the reality show. On this day 5 top contestant are going to be declare as champions and 5 new contestant and going to enters into the house as challengers to challenge them. This exclusive series named as “Bigg Boss Halla Bol”; and its going to host by Farah Khan.

Here's a possible prediction of how things might shape up for the housemates inside this weekend.
Karishma Tanna:
Why she will be in top 5: She's alone after Upen was evicted and everyone in the house is against her. Dimpy although is trying to stick around with the leggy actress, there's no concrete foundation to their friendship. And when you're alone in the house, you get the sympathy. And given that Karishma has always taken up arguments and fights, we doubt if the channel would evict her this week!
Why she might not make it: History has it that viewers have hated Karishma for her dominating attitude and self centred nature. She has in the past been criticised for her over-reactions. Point in case: Salman's joke one her and Pritam's relationship!
Dimpy Mahajan:
Why she will be in top 5: She is loud, she is dramatic and she is muhfat- the perfect ingredients that any Bigg Boss contestant should have. An ideal contender for the top spot, it is almost a guarantee that Dimpy will stay in the house. Why? Come on, don't be silly! With Rahul Mahajan entering the house as a Challenger, there would be no spice to the show without his estranged wife Dimpy around. And if she is evicted, God bless the TRPs!
Why she might not make it: Some do find her to be unnecessarily loud and irritating. So if people don't vote for her, there's a chance, although a very slight one that she might be shown the door!
Gautam Gulati:
Why he will be in top 5: Because he has been one of the most loved and entertaining housemates of the season. A close source also revealed that it's Gautam who clearly topples everyone else when it comes to votes and it's a surety that GG will be in top 5, given his strong fan following.
Why he might not make it: There's no possible reason he can't make it. He is a sure shot Champion.
Ali Quli Mirza:
Why he will be in top 5: He provides the much needed zing to the show. If GG is loved, Ali keeps the audience entertained with his histrionics. And given his Narad Muni avatar, he will make room for more tiffs and brawls. And Bigg Boss definitely needs that now to up their ratings!
Why he might not make it: He's mellowed down a bit in the past one week. There's hardly anything happening and who knows, his eviction might come as a shocker. After all, Bigg Boss loves to shock!
Puneet Issar:
Why he will be in top 5: Gautam is his biggest minion. And given that GG trusts Puns totally, his fans will definitely vote for Puneet to stay. Other than that, there's no reason the man should stay inside.
Why he might not make it: There's a high possibility of Puneet being eliminated from the game this time. From playing games to back-stabbing his friends and bitching about everyone in the house, Puneet can give any other gossip girl a run for their money. So who knows, he might be the next one in the audience's hit list!
Sonali Raut:
Why she will be in top 5? She's Sonali Raut. She's survived 15 weeks without doing anything. She might possibly sleepwalk into the Champions team the same way. Just Like That.
Why she might not make it? She's a dead woman walking inside the house. Lazy and utterly casual, she is herself not interested in the game and it's time that the audience takes her out of the show!
RJ Pritam Singh:
Why he will be in top 5: He has his bhabis rooting for him. He's rather a non-celebrity among celebrities and he's survived so long. Clearly the underdog in the game and it seems this dark horse will manage further run on the show.
Why he might not make it: He is not as popular or known as few other contestants. So the only reason Pritam can go out is because of low votes.

"Bigg Boss 8" might be coming to a close, but the makers have announced a new series – "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" – which will see top five champions compete with five challengers – Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Seth, Mahek Chahal, Ajaz Khan and Sana Khan.


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